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PLEASANT HILL, Ca.---With the doctor’s words, “It’s unlikely she will walk again,” Tracy Guymon and her mother, Kathie Guymon, embarked on a journey at the end of 1999 that began with devastation and denial, followed by months of physical therapy and perseverance and eventually, cautious optimism.  And it’s a journey that ultimately evolved into a business enterprise that has established, at its foundation, a commitment to offer the opportunity – and resources – for a healthy and fit lifestyle to anyone who has an interest.

            What began with a serious fall during which Tracy suffered a broken back, shattered vertebrae and a fractured skull more than 10 years ago progressed into a dream to establish a business to offer a fitness regimen to people throughout the community.  Tracy and Kathie Guymon realized the first part of that dream in the fall of 2008 when they bought Fleet Feel Pleasant Hill.  As a local and family-owned business, Fleet Feet offers more than running/walking shoes and technical equipment.  The business importantly shares comprehensive fitness training, nutritional counsel and products, coached groups runs and walks, and informational clinics with people of all ages and athletic abilities.  And it’s an environment that helps motivate individuals to welcome fitness as an integral part of their lifestyle.

In mid-February, the Guymons took the next step of their journey.  With their continuing commitment to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, Fleet Feet Pleasant Hill moved into new quarters, now located at 20 E Crescent Drive in Pleasant Hill. 

“Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle – and a choice,” explains co-owner Kathie Guymon.  “WhenTracyhad her accident, she absolutely refused to allow her passion for a career in fitness to be taken from her.  She put in countless hours of physical therapy to prove the doctor was wrong when he’d indicated it unlikely she would walk again.  And because of her rehabilitation experience, she later studied body mechanics, learned about equipment and shoes, appropriate nutrition, trained with a experienced triathlete coach – everything that’s involved in embarking on a healthy fitness program.”

And it’s that knowledge and experience that Tracy and Kathie share with clients through the store – everything from ensuring people are fitted properly for shoes and other fitness equipment by trained and knowledgeable staff, to counsel on nutritional products when training for long-distance competitions, to shoe and equipment demonstrations, to paced training programs to enable people to participate in everything from 5K and 10K runs to half/full-marathon walking/running events and even Iron Man competitions.

“Our primary goal is to offer a fitness choice and the associated resources to our customers – whether they want to start walking one mile a day or begin a running regimen or become elite runners,”Tracyexplains.  “During the weeks and months following my accident, I gained a real appreciation that exercise and fitness needs to be approached in a thoughtful and paced manner, within a supportive environment and with full understanding of body mechanics to prevent injuries and to maximize success with your individual fitness goals.” 

Tracyspeaks from experience regarding her personal journey that followed her accident.  She has gone on to participate in countless running competitions, including the Boston Marathon, several Nike Women’s Marathons inSan Francisco, triathlons, as well as the Ironman Coeur d’Alene last spring, a grueling competition that encompasses a 2.4 mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run.

“The talented staff at Fleet Feet has helped me this past year go from 5K running to training for my firstMarathon,” explains Cathie, a client of Fleet Feet Pleasant Hill.  “I went from buying shoes at a discount store to learning about the right shoe for me.  The staff took time to measure my feet, watched me walk and run and even spent the time teaching me proper form and posture.  I am looking so forward to my first full marathon this spring.  The wonderful training team and staff have taught me confidence and strength and a positive approach to fitness.”

“But we’re not just about training clients for elite running competitions, far from it.  Our focus is to provide the proper training and equipment to enable anyone, at any level, begin and sustain a fitness program that suits their individual abilities, interests and lifestyle,”Tracyemphasizes.  “I can remember the look on many clients’ faces when they completed their first two-mile walk on a Saturday morning.  Their sense of achievement, their triumph in accomplishing a goal they never dreamed possible – that’s what our commitment to fitness is all about.”


For more information about Fleet Feet Pleasant Hill and the shoes and technical equipment and Tuesday evening/Saturday morning and special training programs available, contact the store at: 20 E Crescent Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
(925) 827-4772   http://www.fleetfeetpleasanthill.com/


Comments from other customers of Fleet Feet Pleasant Hill:


Six months ago, I couldn't run a mile . . . now I will be running my first marathon in just a couple weeks, thanks to Fleet Feet and its training group!  I joined Fleet Feet's training group not only because I needed a little push to get up and run everyday, but I also wanted to learn the basics of running. "Tracy the trainer," as I like to call her, has instilled in me the knowledge that professional runners have. I have learned things I never knew existed such as "good running form," nutrition preparation, proper hydration, and dealing with the mental ability to continue to put one foot in front of the other, even if I want to stop!  I highly value Tracy's many years of expertise and her dedication to see that each one of her runners succeed!  I never thought I would consider myself an athlete, but today, I am proud to call myself a "runner." --- Natasha


Last year, I joined Fleet Feet's Nike Women’s Marathon (NWM) Training Program. It was a blast! I ran with a wonderful group of women; and made a few friends along the way. I was inspired to push myself harder and go faster. I am proud that I finished the NWM's Half-Marathon in 2:34:13. I never thought that was even possible. I ROCKED! Thanks, Fleet Feet Gang, for your support and encouragement!  Keep running!

--- Jaruwan


I wanted to start running but I knew that I needed some guidance, plus I thought that if I could run with a group, I would be more inclined to get up on Saturday mornings, rain or shine, to do my training runs. I saw Fleet Feet's advertisement about training for the Nike Women's half- marathon; and although I was very nervous to think I could possibly run 13.1 miles, I took the plunge and nine months later, I have completed two 10Ks, two half-marathons and will run my first marathon in March 2012!  Training for the half marathons and now the marathon has been a real eye opener for me. Learning from Tracy's years of experience about pace, nutrition, hydration, and building mental reserve has been invaluable to me. I have confidence now that I have never had in 55 years. No longer do I think, “could I ever do that?”  Now I think, what's next, Ironman?   If you are looking for a proper fit in running shoes, have no fear, the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Fleet Feet can hook you right up. After my first experience talking to Spencer, I knew that I had come to the right place for the right fit.  From the very beginning, each of the staff members has been attentive to my needs.  The staff is very personable; and you will never get lost in the shuffle like a much larger chain store often makes you feel. But what was truly amazing at Fleet Feet is that they are a small family-owned business -- and when you leave the store, you leave feeling like part of that family! Thank you Fleet Feet, for all your support in my pursuit in running and helping me find the best fitting running shoes!! You rock! --- Kim Ryan


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